Finally, an Update: Introducing Appian Way Services

Wow, it’s been awhile since anything has been written here.

This is a post to inform everyone that Appian Way Press is now part of Appian Way Services, a licensed business in Washington state (some more detail in this post). In addition to publishing writings by Rick Brannan, Rick is now available for the right contract jobs through Appian Way Services.

Rick still works full time at Faithlife, LLC (and plans to for the foreseeable future); additionally he works a 5-10 hour/week gig for Clear.Bible. But there is still some time available on his schedule. If you are the principal of an academic project and need some work done, he might be able to help. Maybe you’re involved with a grant-funded project and have hit some roadblocks. Or maybe you have some sort of work involving creation, aggregation, or curation of Bible or bliblically-related data, send Rick an email (rick at rickbrannan dot com) with questions, outlines, pitches, or whatever; he’s happy to review and consult. If there’s work he’s qualified and available to do, he’ll give you a bid.

Rick has over 25 years of experience producing and curating biblically related data. Whether it involves grammar, syntax, discourse, or morphology of Biblical languages, or organization of data, or whatever, chances are he’s seen and dealt with it.

He’s defined and helped create a critical edition of the Greek New Testament (the SBL Greek New Testament), a Bible translation (the Lexham English Bible), a translation of the Septuagint (the Lexham English Septuagint), a translation, interlinear, and reverse-interlinear of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers (The Apostolic Fathers: A New Transalation and the Apostolic Fathers Greek-English Interlinear), Apocryphal Gospels (Greek Apocryphal Gospels: A New Translation) and a forthcoming edition of Old Testament Pseudepigrapha from Lexham Press.

He’s written commentaries on 1 and 2 Timothy (Appian Way Press) as well as an analysis of the discourse grammar of 2 Thessalonians (Lexham Press). He’s researched and published an edition of fragmentary papyri with translation and analysis (Fragments of Christianity).

Basically, Rick has seen just about everything regarding primary and secondary editions in the realm of academic publishing. If you have any related projects you want to talk about or need help with, please use the contact form or just email rick at rickbrannan dot com, and we’ll see if we can figure anything out.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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