Comments from Dr. William Varner on Brannan’s Second Timothy

Second Timothy: Notes on Grammar, Syntax, and Structure is now available for purchase! We provided a copy to Dr. William Varner, Professor of Bible and Greek at The Master’s College. Here’s what he had to say:

Many “aids” are available to help with the meaning of individual Greek words. They are called lexicons and concordances. There are also analytical lexicons that parse individual verbals and identify the cases of individual nominals. But many of us believe that the most basic level of meaning lies not in individual words but in clauses, which in turn make up a sentence and sentences which combine to make paragraphs. Only when individual words are understood by their use in clauses and paragraphs will we ever understand completely what they “mean.” Rick Brannan’s insightful volume on 2 Timothy focuses on how these clauses convey meaning. Going beyond “word studies” he shows how words relate to each other through primary and subordinate clauses.

Grammarians call this syntax, which we all know is important but it is what we often ignore in our commentaries, which often tend to be a string of individual word studies dominated by the idea that a sentence is simply the sum of its individual parts. Rick focuses on the larger ideas conveyed by these clauses and not just those words by themselves. This is the way we actually think and communicate but we have sadly ignored that fact and focused in our studies on individual words. But Rick does more than just identify syntax uses – he shows how these syntactical features relate to each to other and how Paul conveys meanings through his entire thoughts. One of the ways in which he does this is through an analysis of the entire epistle through the use of a sentence diagramming method called “sentence flows” (my term). Through this analysis you will be able to see how the Greek clauses flow through the sentence and paragraph in the way that the author directs.

This type of “commentary” is desperately needed. So move beyond your word studies into a world that recognizes how words relate to each other in larger units.  If you have enough Greek to begin, Rick Brannan will take you to the next step of discovering how Paul communicates to us not just by the lexemes but by the Logos, the message that imparts life.

Rick Brannan’s Second Timothy: Notes on Grammar, Syntax, and Structure is only $9.95! Grab a copy so you’ll have it to hand the next time you work through Second Timothy.


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    My publisher, Appian Way Press, posted an extended blurb from Dr. William Varner on my just released book “Second Timothy: Notes on Grammar, Syntax, and Structure.” Check it out!


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