Brannan’s “Second Timothy” Getting Closer!

2Tim-sample-coverWe’ve been working on editing and setting the interior text of Rick Brannan’s Second Timothy: Notes on Grammar, Syntax, and Structure. (more info) It’s coming along nicely. We’ve also been working on the cover, which is turning out very nice, as you can see from the early version to the right!

We’ve also shared it with a few early readers for endorsements and feedback. This has gone well too. We hope to soon post some of this material.

All this to say: It’s going very well! Thanks, all, for your support in this endeavor. If this continues, we hope for the book to be available in March 2016. Maybe late February; but no promises. Much depends on working out the kinks in the process with

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. And keep checking, we’ll announce its availability and purchase methods here first. Thanks!


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